Due to lack of research, there is no scientific evidence to support the claims that detox water aids in weight loss or offers any other health benefits. However, there is some evidence that suggests that drinking water in general can help with weight loss. And with that fact in mind we can safely say that water infused with fruits and herbs would only have added benefits in addition to weight loss in your overall health. Undoubtedly water is good for body and these fruits and herbs are packed with goodness as well, so mixing them together and drinking would definitely be good in one way or other.

For example, a study published in the journal Obesity found that people who drank 16 ounces of water before meals lost more weight than those who didn’t drink any water at all.

Another study found that people who drank water before meals along with a diet plan lost approximately 2kg more weight in 12 weeks period than those who didn’t drink water before meals.

What is Detox Water?

Detox water is water infused with fruits and vegetables. The most popular fruits and vegetables to use are lemon, cucumber, mint, and ginger.

Detox Water can be made very easily at home in a variety of ways. Depending on your personal preferences you can select any number fruit, vegetables and herbs to make detox water. More ingredients you add stringer the flavor would be.

How to make Detox Water?

It can be made with hot or cold water. The idea is to infuse the flavors of fruits, veggies and herbs, not to make a blend. Try using organic ingredients and always make sure you wash your fruits veggies and herbs thoroughly as they may have been sprinkled with pesticides.

Follow the steps below to make detox water.

Hot detox water

Take some water in a bowl. Add the fruits, veggies and herbs you like. You can also add honey or stevia to sweeten it if you like. Bring it to boil. You can drink it hot as a herbal tea or let it cool down, strain the water and keep it in fridge to enjoy it cold.

Cold detox water

Take a jar or jug and fill it with cold water. Add the fruits, veggies and herbs you like. You can also add honey or stevia to sweeten it if you like. Allow it to sit for around 12 hours before drinking. I

Some Great Detox Water Recipes

  • Lemon, mint, ginger
  • Lemon, cucumber, mint
  • Watermelon, strawberry, mint and lime
  • Cucumber, lemon, mint and ginger
  • Pineapple, mint and lime

Benefits of drinking Detox Water

There are many purported benefits of drinking detox water, including weight loss, improved digestion, increased energy, and clearer skin. Let’s look at some common beliefs and the science behind these beliefs.

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Detox Water detoxify your body

Detox is a fancy word used excessively to sell you a lot of ideas and products. Does water play any role in detoxification? Well, Liver and Kidneys are the main organs in our body responsible to get rid of toxins. 60% of our body is water, so it common sense more than science that a well hydrated body is essential for every function of our body whether it is digestion, detoxification, metabolism, liver hear or kidney function. So yes water does aid kidney and liver to properly do their job of detoxification.

Detox Water help lose weight

Drinking water in a proper way, along with your diet plan definitely helps in so many good ways. Please read my other article on Does Water Help Lose Weight? in which I have explained in details how water aids weight loss in a number ways.

Detox Water boosts immunity

When you infuse fruits and herb like lemon and mint for instance, they definitely increase the potency of water. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is a primary antioxidant that provides you protection against free radicals. Lemon also helps in digestion. Similarly Mint helps with digestion as well and also provides you with a refreshing flavor.

Detox Water improves skin complexion

Water is good for skin, no matter how you consume it. Drinking detox water infused with fruits and vegetables will give your skin the antioxidants it needs to fight free radicals that damage skin cells and cause premature aging.

Detox Water reduces bloating

Water aids in digestion and helps to move food through the intestines. This can reduce bloating and the uncomfortable feeling that comes with it. In addition, many of the fruits and vegetables used to make detox water are natural diuretics. This means they promote urination, which can also help reduce bloating.

Detox Water gives you more energy

Many of the ingredients used to make detox water, such as lemon and ginger, are known to help fight fatigue. In addition, staying properly hydrated is essential for maintaining energy levels. Drinking detox water throughout the day can help you feel refreshed and energized.


As I always say you must bring lifestyle changes to get best results. For instance if you just bring one change in your life it will improve your health guaranteed. Stop drinking ALL kind of sodas, beverages, juices, and sugary drinks. Instead opt for water, especially before your meals. Make it a habit. And if you like to have some taste then drink detox water which is far better and healthier than those beverages.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy!


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